Quinta do Patudos regularly promotes courses for those who want to provide their dog with an initial training so that he can learn simple but essential commands of basic obedience (sit, lie, stay, etc.) and have appropriate behaviors in everyday life (not jumping over people, walking around without pulling the leash, ignoring distractions, etc.).

Throughout these courses you will learn how to use positive dog training in your dog's training without punishment or punishment in order to strengthen your dog's trust and attachment to you. You will also learn to play with your dog and teach him some tricks.


Upcoming dates and schedules:

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These courses provide the acquisition of basic, theoretical and practical insights on how to educate and train with positive reinforcement your dog or puppy. Briefly, positive reinforcement consists of rewarding with something the dog enjoys, proper behaviors, and ignoring unwanted behaviors. It is characterized by the non-use of punishments and aversive instruments, that is that they cause pain or discomfort to the dog, like stranglers or prong and  electric collars.

Throughout the course, participants will have the opportunity to apply the concept of positive reinforcement training to teach their dogs basic obedience behaviors (sitting, lying, standing, answering the call, walking along with and without a leash) to deal with some unwanted behaviors (jumping up people, barking at people and other dogs on the street, pulling the leash on the sidewalks, not answering the call when there is no leash, etc.) and to teach them simple tricks.


Some examples of exercises performed in previous courses

  • Brincar_-_Play
  • Brincar_-_Play2
  • Brincar_-_Play3
  • Chamada_-_Recall
  • Fica_-_Stay
  • Senta_-_Sit
  • Senta_-_Sit2
  • Truques_-_Tricks


These courses are intended for people who want to properly educate and train their own dogs. On the contrary, these courses are not suitable for those who wish to acquire training for the exercise of coaching other people's dogs.

These courses have a duration of 8 hours (2 sessions of 4 hours). Are conducted with small groups (maximum 4 dogs) at different times, so that everyone can learn and practice in a more profitable way! The cost of participation is 50€.

Each participant can only participate with one dog. Participation without a dog is not allowed.


Courses Schedule:

THEORY How dogs learn (socialization, classic conditioning, and operant conditioning). Use of rewards and punishments to model behaviors. Positive reinforcement training: rewards. markers, timing, criteria, techniques for teaching new behaviors (capturing, luring, molding and shaping), etc.. How to work on changing unwanted behaviors (environmental changes and desensitization by counter-conditioning). How to teach complex behaviors (shaping and back-chaining). Use of motivators and games to reinforce the dog's connection to the driver.
PRACTICE Use of mechanical (clicker) and verbal markers to capture simple behaviors (play, look, here). Teaching positions (sit, lie, stand). Teach "to stay". Work the call to the command ("here"). Walk to the side with leash. Teaching simple tricks. To teach to ignore, to leave and to work the self-control (wait). Play with the dog (pull games and pick games). Games and activities with dog sports equipment.


Participation in these courses is subject to compliance with the general rules for the use of the Quinta dos Patudos Rural  Dog Park, particularly as regards the age of the dogs, identification with microchip, vaccination and deworming, and the prohibition of inflicting on dogs any maltreatment , physical or psychological, and to use aversive training methodologies and instruments (stranglers or prong and electric collars).

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